Husband of hate group’s co-founder may face felony arrest for secret sex tape

Author: Daniel Villarreal

Former Florida Republican party chairman Christian Ziegler may be charged with video voyeurism for allegedly filming a female sex partner without her consent. The Sarasota Police Department sent a probable cause affidavit to the Florida State Attorney’s Office on Friday after its criminal investigation into the woman’s rape allegation against Ziegler found that she hadn’t consented to its recording. The police investigation determined that the sex in question “was likely consensual.”

The state attorney’s office will decide whether to press charges against Christian Ziegler. Police had acquired the video during their investigation into the alleged rape. Video voyeurism is a third-degree felony in Florida punishable by up to five years in prison.

The couple’s former threesome partner filed a complaint with police on October 4, 2023, alleging that she was sexually assaulted in her home by Christian Ziegler two days before. Sources close to the investigation said that the woman had a sexual relationship with both of the Zieglers for the past three years. Bridget Ziegler was not present when the alleged sexual assault occurred.

Bridget Ziegler has admitted to having threesomes with the woman and has been roundly criticized since her organization, Moms for Liberty, opposes LGBTQ+ content and inclusive policies in public schools.

A police affidavit stated the accuser’s allegations that she and the Zieglers had planned a sexual encounter for October 2. But when Bridget Ziegler was no longer available, the woman canceled, saying, “I was mostly in for her.”

She then alleges that Christian Ziegler was waiting in the hallway outside her apartment when she opened the door to walk her dog. She says he came inside and sexually assaulted her. The affidavit says, “The victim advised Christian did not wear a condom, and he stated, ‘I’m leaving the same way I came in.’”

Christian Ziegler – who has been captured on surveillance footage at the woman’s apartment – has admitted to having sex with her but claims it was consensual. The victim also reportedly told police she was intoxicated after having been drinking tequila all day, emphasizing she was unable to consent. He may have also committed the crime of “video voyeurism” by recording their sexual encounter without the woman’s consent.

Bridget Ziegler was quietly removed as the director of the School Board Leadership Program at the Leadership Institute, an organization that trains conservative activists. The Sarasota School Board also voted unanimously for her to resign, but she has refused thus far.

In early January, the Florida Republican Party voted to eject Christian Ziegler as its chairman. A majority of 200 state Republicans voted to oust and replace him.

“We’re spending a lot of time and energy on this meeting instead of focusing on the things we need to focus on and that’s simply because Christian Ziegler did not do the right thing and resign,” State Sen. Blaise Ingoglia (R), one of the Republicans who voted to oust Christian Ziegler, told the Associated Press. “There’s been some harm done to the Republican Party of Florida.”

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Author: Daniel Villarreal

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