Here’s every song confirmed for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest

Author: Will Stroude

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 song entrants Reiley (Denmark), Alessandra (Norway), Marco Mendoni (Italy) and Let 3 (Croatia)

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is fast approaching, and many of the 37 countries taking part in this year’s competition have already confirmed the songs and artists that’ll be representing them on stage in Liverpool in May.

With most nations set to announce their entries during February and March, we’ll be regularly updating this handy guide to every song you’ll be hearing at Eurovision 2023, so you can start deciding on your picks for the trophy.

As usual, countries have been divided into two semi-finals, with the 10 that receive the most votes from each making it through the Eurovision Grand Final on Saturday, 13 May, which will be broadcast from 7pm GMT on BBC One in the UK.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 visuals.
The theme of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is ‘United By Music’. (BBC)

Semi-Final One is due to take place on Tuesday, 9 May, with Semi-Final Two following on Thursday, 11 May. The ‘Big 5’ countries of the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, as well as last year’s winner Ukraine, automatically qualify for the Grand Final.

As 2022’s runner-up, the UK will host Eurovision 2023 for the first time since 1998 on behalf of last year’s winner Ukraine, which cannot hold the contest due to the ongoing Russian invasion.

Here are all the confirmed entries so far for Eurovision 2023:

Eurovision 2023 Semi-Final One songs

Azerbaijan – expected February 2023

Czech Republic – “My Sister’s Crown”, Vesna

Croatia – “Mama ŠČ!”, Let 3

Finland – expected 25 February 2023

Ireland – “We Are One”, Wild Youth

Israel – “Unicorn”, Noa Kirel

Latvia – “Aijā”, Sudden Lights

Malta – “Dance (Our Own Party)”, The Busker

Moldova – expected 4 March 2023

The Netherlands – (Song not yet known), Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper

Norway – “Queen of Kings”, Alessandra

Portugal – expected 11 March 2023

Serbia – expected 4 March 2023

Sweden – expected 11 March 2023

Switzerland – TBD

Eurovision 2023 Semi-Final Two songs

Albania – “Duje”, Albina & Familja Kelmendi

Armenia – (Song expected March 2023), Brunette

Australia – TBD

Austria – (Song expected March 2023), Teya and Salena

Belgium – “Because of You”, Gustaph

Cyprus – (Song expected February 2023) Andrew Lambrou

Denmark – “Breaking My Heart”, Reiley

Estonia – expected 11 February 2023

Georgia – (Song expected March 2023), Iru Khechanovi

Greece – “What They Say”, Victor Vernicos

Iceland – expected 4 March 2023

Lithuania – expected 18 February 2023

Poland – expected 26 February 2023

Romania – “D.G.T. (Off and On)”, Theodor Andrei

San Marino – expected 25 February 2023

Slovenia – “Carpe Diem”, Joker Out

The Big 5 and Ukraine

Ukraine – “Heart of Steel”, Tvorchi

The UK – expected March 2023

Germany – expected 3 March 2023

Italy – “Due vite”, Marco Mengoni

Spain – “Eaea”, Blanca Paloma

France – (Song not yet known), La Zarra

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Grand Final will air on Saturday, 13 May from 7pm GMT on BBC One in the UK.

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