Hate preacher whines that Fox News is “crooked” because it isn’t anti-LGBTQ+ enough

Author: John Russell

An anti-LGBTQ+ hate preacher has lashed out at Fox News, describing the right-wing media outlet as “crooked” because it isn’t anti-LGBTQ+ enough.

Jones has been more explicit in what he means by “get rid of” in the past.

“The Bible says they are to be put to death,” he said in a 2022 YouTube video. In the truly unhinged sermon, he went on to echo both right-wing rhetoric falsely associating LGBTQ+ people with child sexual abuse and a conspiracy theory that the U.S. government is secretly controlled by reptilian humanoids from another planet.

He claimed that it isn’t God’s fault “that all these pedophiles are around.”

“He told nations how to deal with that. He told the nation that he ruled, ‘Put them to death. Put all queers to death,’” Jones said. “And you know what, when they die, that stops the pedophilia. It’s a very simple process, but of course our reptilian government, they don’t subscribe to that.”

“I’m not saying that every reptilian is a sodomite, but all sodomites are reptilians,” he added.

YouTube has since removed the video for violating the platform’s hate speech policies.

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Actual Story on LGBTQ Nation
Author: John Russell

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