GOP lawmaker is outraged at small town’s mural for hidden”demonic” messages

Author: Mira Lazine

New Hampshire state Sen. Carrie Gendreau (R), who is also a former town board member in Littleton, claims that recently painted murals of plants funded by an LGBTQ+ organization hold “demonic hidden messages.”Other residents said they opposed the backlash she’s received, instead calling for civil debate about her views.

“It used to be, when someone said something you didn’t like, you would sit down and talk about it,” Roger Emerson, chair of the Littleton select board, “not run to the newspapers and social media.”

“I would encourage anyone to research what that really means. I don’t want that to be in our town,” said Gendreau of the murals.

Gendreau is no longer on the town select board, saying that God wanted her to leave her position. Harrington was elected in her place, with one of her first actions being the abolition of mandated prayer at the start of each meeting.

A transgender bar owner, Jordan Applewhite, said of the incidents with Gendreau, “What was at stake was who we are as a town. It was like an existential crisis.”

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Actual Story on LGBTQ Nation
Author: Mira Lazine

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