Gay “clowns” photographed having sex on top of a moving NYC subway train

Author: Greg Owen

A pair of adventurous, and by all appearances, athletic young men were spotted engaging in a sexual liaison atop a moving NYC subway train recently.

One online fan called them “Fantastic!”

The unusual coupling appears to have been executed atop a moving No. 7 train on an elevated track near the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens.

Who snapped the pair in action is unclear.

Pictures of what the New York Post called the “death-defying sex act” were posted to the X account of “Transit Workers against corruption,” who scowled and wondered, “What is the MTA doing about this?”

Others online asked, “Wasn’t that how Sleepless in Seattle ended?” “You jealous that you weren’t in on the action?” and “What’s with the kink shaming?”

Another declared, “Awesome! Out and proud.”

The Transit Authority slammed the elevated hook-up.

“The only thing dumber than riding on top of a subway train is dropping pants in the process,” MTA communications director Tim Minton railed in a statement.

“Those reckless clowns aren’t thinking about the mess cleaners and other transit workers will have to deal with when their stupid stunt goes tragically wrong.”

The perpetrators were taking more than each other into their hands with the brazen subway surfing. Six people lost their lives riding outside subway trains in 2023, among more than 450 reported sightings.

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Author: Greg Owen

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