Gas station run by self-described “literal nazi” displays sign calling gay people pedophiles

Author: Molly Sprayregen

The Lewis Country Store in Nashville, Tennessee has recently been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a hub for neo-Nazi groups training to prepare for a race war.

Trans activist Alejandra Caraballo recently posted footage of the digital sign displayed under the price of gas. “Oh no!” it reads. “The child molesting fa***ts and Jews at the Nashville Scene don’t like us!” The Nashville Scene is a local paper.

The post on X, formerly Twitter, has since been deleted.

Store owner Brad Lewis reportedly described himself on Telegram as “an actual literal Nazi” in response to the SPLC’s report that he has been lending use of the store’s private gym to members of the Tennessee Active Club, which is part of a network of white supremacist groups training to fight the minorities they believe are replacing them.

The recent sign at the gas station was likely referencing an October article in the Nashville Scene detailing Lewis’s sordid family history in Nashville.

Before the Lewis Country Store was identified as a white supremacist training facility, it was already known for peddling hate. According to WPLN, it has long spread right-wing, pro-Trump messaging on its digital sign.

In 2016, the store lost its Shell branding after displaying the message: “Trump Just Said It. Bill Clinton Did It! The Only P*$$y Trump Ever Grabbed Was Paul Ryan! #TrumpThatB**ch.”

Lewis has also been in the spotlight recently for his connection to Gabrielle Hanson, Franklin, Tennesee’s former mayoral candidate (she lost). Lewis supported Hansons, who called him “such a cool guy” who “doesn’t care what people think.”

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Author: Molly Sprayregen

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