Florida traffic sign altered to read ‘kill all gays’

Author: Emily Chudy

Orlando, Florida traffic sign altered to read ‘kill all gays’

Police are reportedly investigating a homophobic message that was displayed on a digital traffic sign on Wednesday (17 May) near Orlando, Florida.

The traffic sign in Lake Nona was hacked to read “kill all gays” according to the Orlando Sentinel

The Orlando Police Department said the sign “appeared to be tampered with” and that an investigation into the incident is ongoing. 

The message was reportedly immediately removed once the police were notified. 

Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer said in a statement: “Hate has no place in Orlando, and this disgusting display is not who we are as a community.

“To Orlando’s LGBTQ+ residents and visitors: you are respected and valued here, and we won’t be deterred in our efforts to ensure that our city is inclusive for all.”

Former Florida lawmaker Carlos Guillermo Smith added: “This is NOT the place I call home. It’s not Orlando, it’s not Florida … I refuse to be a bystander. We will not let hate win.”

On the same day the hateful sign was spotted in Orlando, Republican governor of Florida Ron DeSantis signed five new anti-LGBTQ+ bills into law

DeSantis’ new slate of laws targeting the queer community include a ban on gender-affirming care, restrictions on trans people using bathrooms and bans on drag shows. 

The Republican governor explained that the new legislation would make Florida a “refuge of sanity”, seemingly referring to laws in some other US states, which have declared themselves “safe havens” for LGBTQ+ people.

“We need to let our kids just be kids,” he told reporters after signing the bills. 

“What we’ve said in Florida is we are going to remain a refuge of sanity and a citadel of normalcy.”

Human Rights Campaign’s president, Kelley Robinson, said “extremist” Republicans passing these bills in Florida are some of the “most anti-LGBTQ+ politicians in America”.

“DeSantis has made [it] clear that demonising LGBTQ+ people will be [at] the centre of his legislative agenda and presidential run,” Robinson said.

“From doctors’ offices to classrooms, they show no shame in assaulting the freedoms of those different from them. They are trying to whitewash history and use the power of the government to punish anyone they disagree with.”

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Author: Emily Chudy


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