Drunken gay couple broke a man’s jaw after misinterpreting a homophobic slur

Author: John Russell

A married gay couple with a history of criminal violence attacked a third man during a drunken altercation at a pub in Canterbury, England over a homophobic comment they believed was directed at them.

As KentOnline reports, the couple were out drinking at The Cherry Tree pub in Canterbury, England, on August 8, 2022, when 31-year-old Prince struck up a conversation with another group of patrons at an adjacent outdoor table. Prince, who reportedly appeared drunk and was slurring his words slightly, flew into a rage when one of Knights-Sloane’s friends made a comment that “could be taken as an insult by someone of a homosexual nature,” according to prosecutor Andrew Hallworth.

“That was misheard by Prince Garland,” Hallworth said in court, explaining that Knights-Sloane’s friend was referring to himself rather than Prince. “He took offense and poured his drink over the man’s head, shouting and swearing and calling him various names.”

“It was at that point that Rubern Garland approached to see what was happening and Prince Garland pointed and said ‘He just called me a f*g,’ to which Rubern replied: ‘I’ll f***ing knock him out,’” Hallworth said.

Knights-Sloane attempted to diffuse the situation, but according to Hallworth, the Garlands then directed their anger at him. After Rubern punched another one of his friends, Knights-Sloane hit Prince. Prince then tugged Knights-Sloane’s hair backward and Rubern punched him in the face, knocking him unconscious. Prince also allegedly kicked Knights-Sloane as he fell.

Knights-Sloane was later taken to the hospital where he learned that his jaw had been fractured.

According to KentOnline, Rubern has 14 previous convictions for 30 offenses including battery and weapons possession. At the time of the attack on Knights-Sloane, he was on probation for a five-year prison sentence. Prince has also been convicted for violent crimes, once in 2011 and again in 2017.

At sentencing, both the Garlands expressed remorse for their actions, but noted that they were provoked by the perceived anti-gay insult.

Recorder Edmund Fowler acknowledged that the couple’s experience with discrimination would have made them both sensitive to anti-LGBTQ+ comments, but told the couple that his “gut reaction” was to send them both to prison for their “unedifying display of aggression and violence.” However, Fowler said he believes “there is a prospect of rehabilitation for you both.”

Both the Garlands received suspended sentences, Rubern for 15 months, Prince for 12.

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Author: John Russell

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