Deranged protestor flashes Scottish parliament during vote on trans rights bill

Author: Molly Sprayregen

An anti-trans protestor lifted her skirt and flashed Scottish Parliament with a fake vagina as the legislators voted to pass a law that will make it easier for trans people – including those as young as 16 – to change their gender legally.

Anti-trans activists and trans-exclusionary radical feminists have spoken out against the bill, claiming it will make it easier for dangerous cisgender men pretending to be women to infiltrate women’s spaces.

Video of the protestor shows her standing up and screaming, “This parliament will not respect the rights of women. Then you have no decency, and if you will not be decent toward women who are being raped right now in jails that you’re in charge of, if you will not be decent, then I will be indecent.”

At that, she lifts her skirt, revealing a fake vagina, and continues to shout.

“You terrible, terrible people!” she says.

The gender recognition bill has been controversial for a long time now.

In October, famed TERF JK Rowling posted a photo of herself wearing a T-shirt calling the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, a “destroyer of women’s rights” for supporting it.

In March, Rowling took to Twitter multiple times to object, arguing that allowing transgender women access to women’s facilities will put cisgender women at risk of assault.

Sturgeon directly responded to Rowling, saying that she “fundamentally disagree[d]” that the bill would harm women.

“This is about an existing process by which people can legally change their gender and it’s about making that process less traumatic and inhumane for trans people – one of the most stigmatized minorities in our society,” she said.

“It doesn’t give trans people any more rights, nor does it take away from women any of the current existing rights under the Equality Act.”

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Author: Molly Sprayregen


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