Conservative Christians freak out over dog food ad with gay couple even though it’s years old

Author: Molly Sprayregen

Anti-LGBTQ+ hate group One Million Moms (OMM) is expressing outrage at a dog food company for using a gay couple in one of its ads – though the ad appears to be from over a year ago.

OMM has a habit of throwing a fit anytime any company anywhere publicly acknowledges the existence of queer people.

Their past moral outrage has been directed at Parents magazine for featuring a same-sex couple, an anti-smoking ad that mentioned erectile dysfunction, Highlights magazine for acknowledging gay people, Scholastic books for featuring LGBTQ-inclusive children’s books, the Roseanne reboot for featuring a non-binary child, a Disney cartoon series for its brief scene of two men kissing, a Zales jewelry commercial for featuring a lesbian couple, the fairy tale drama series Once Upon a Time for showing a lesbian kiss, a 30-second TV ad for featuring an affectionate male same-sex couple, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for featuring trans and nonbinary performers, an ad showing a lesbian couple playing with their laundry, and humorous insurance ad showing a male same-sex couple.

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Author: Molly Sprayregen

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