Conservative Christians enraged at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade for being a trans “extravaganza”

Author: Daniel Villarreal

The anti-LGBTQ+ organization One Million Moms (OMM) is morally scandalized over the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  

Justin David Sullivan, who is nonbinary, will appear in the & Juliet parade performance; he plays “May,” a nonbinary friend of Juliet’s. The parade will also feature Alex Newell, a nonbinary Tony Award-winning actor who plays the female character Lulu in Shucked.

OMM asks people to sign a petition that tells Macy’s, “I do not agree with the LGBTQ agenda you are pushing on families during your Thanksgiving Day Parade. My family and I will not watch this indoctrination. Since this event goes against our beliefs and values, Macy’s has left conservative and Christian families with no choice but to avoid the parade and its stores, even during the holiday season. My family will not support Macy’s; you have lost our trust.”

The group’s website said that almost 15,000 people had signed the petition by Friday.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade first took place in 1924, making it the second-oldest Thanksgiving parade in the United States — the first-oldest is Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Macy’s parade normally features large balloons in the shape of pop-culture cartoon characters, performances by different artists and groups, as well as colorful and festival floats. Commentators who cover the parade don’t always mention the LGBTQ+ identities of its bigger-name participants.

Nevertheless, OMM, which only has 105,000 social media followers, has a habit of throwing a fit anytime any company anywhere publicly acknowledges the existence of queer people.

Their past moral outrage has been directed at Parents magazine for featuring a same-sex couple, an anti-smoking ad that mentioned erectile dysfunction, a shampoo ad that showed a young boy in a skirt, Highlights magazine for acknowledging gay people, Scholastic books for featuring LGBTQ-inclusive children’s books, the Roseanne reboot for featuring a nonbinary child, a Disney cartoon series for its brief scene of two men kissing, a Zales jewelry commercial for featuring a lesbian couple, a 30-second TV commercial for featuring a male same-sex couple, and the fairy tale drama series Once Upon a Time for showing a lesbian kiss.

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Author: Daniel Villarreal

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