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My Girlfriend Told Me

You get shoved in enough lockers, had names and spit wads thrown at you. I already knew.

She said “You will be old, grey and alone!” I’d have to get married, have kids. Be safe. The safe part I got. Neighbors, farm boys, felt that way about each other. Their families found out. They both ended up killing themselves.

Another girl wouldn’t walk Grad with me “Where’s your tux?” Her daddy bought her dress. I paid for my new suit. I walked the runway by myself. She refused to. Down the auditorium I went out the front door. Skipping Prom, I went to the club. That night I had a boyfriend. Next morning his mother looked at me. Nice clothes, car parked behind the house. She asked, “You have a job?” I learned to get along with mom. Later Moms. We broke up by Halloween.

I had other friends in the city by then. When I finally moved out of the house Dad said “Don’t embarrass yourself. Don’t embarrass the family.” Yes Sir!

Double life. Making it work, a shift at the bar on the eve, home the next day, family gathering. Take flowers with you when you visit Grandma. Once she brought out the checkbook “I will pay for Seminary college” I’m sorry Ma’am I haven’t heard the calling. That book closed and we never discussed it again.

I was pretty, naive, I was popular. Lucky! During the AIDS crisis I went to 13 funerals in one year. At one the Priest called down from the pulpit “He is going to Hell!” The mother collapsed in the pew from shock and grief. I can still hear my friend next to me under his breath”Good god.”

Got another boyfriend this time leave the province. You Know? Wherever you go there you are.

I’ve had time since to think about it. Older, yes. Greying, naturally. Alone by choice or by chance? Lucky, certainly, to have a family to come home to. They do too. We don’t talk about it or I didn’t?

Mark Neiman

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