Christina Ricci fights off ‘demons’ in new Doja Cat video

Author: Ali Condon

Christina Ricci and Doja Cat in the music video for 'Demons'.

Christina Ricci is no stranger to dealing with the devilish – she was Wednesday Addams, after all. It’s no wonder, then, that she bagged the starring role in the video for Doja Cat’s new single “Demons”.

The Yellowjackets star plays a woman being haunted by an all-black, scaly-backed, red-eyed demon with a particularly sharp manicure.

Paralyzed in her bed, she can’t help but watch as demon Doja crawls around the ceiling before descending onto her bed.

In another scene, Ricci dares to venture into the attic with an old-school camcorder – Blair Witch style – to see what might be lurking up there. 

When she shines her torch, she finds a more human-like Doja Cat surrounded by goats as she raps bars while etching them out on a typewriter.

Eventually, Ricci has had enough of demon Doja. She grabs her kids and bundles them into the car before speeding off into the stormy night to escape the horrors lurking in her house.

Doja’s music video only dropped on Friday (1 September) morning, but the verdict is already in and fans agree that Ricci slayed.

“God I love her SO F**KING MUCH her face just fills me with so much happiness,” one viewer tweeted.

“I need Christina Ricci in more horror. Loved her since Casper,” raved a second.

And a third commented: “Christina Ricci was the perfect person to have in that video.”

“Demons” marks Doja’s third single off her upcoming album Scarlet, which is set for release on 22 September.

Her two previous singles “Attention” and “Paint The Town Red” have already dominated the charts, with the former already earning her five MTV VMA nominations.

And with a Christina Ricci feature for single number three, it looks like Doja is pulling out all the stops.

The singer had promised a very different look and sound this era, and the theme seems to be, well, demons.

The music video for her previous single, “Paint The Town Red”, had critics clutching their pearls, convinced she was promoting some level of satanism or devil worship. 

Doja has had absolutely no time for her haters though, and appears to be having the time of her life getting fans in a frenzy.

And, hey, if she’s backed by the ultimate ‘90s scream queen, then who are we to judge?

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Author: Ali Condon

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