Britney Spears addresses claim she walked around giving $100 bills to strangers

Author: Asyia Iftikhar

Britney Spears slames former assistant for lying. (Getty)

Britney Spears has called out her former assistant, Felicia Culotta, for fabricating stories about her including her handing out $100 bills to strangers.

Culotta appeared in Framing Britney Spears and Netflix’ Britney Vs Spears which Britney has previously spoken out against these documentaries, slamming them for doing a “wonderful job at humiliating” her.

It was during these appearances that Culotta reportedly recalled a story of Britney Spears going around “the neighbourhood handing out $100 bills when her first song came out.”

However, in a scathing rant on Twitter, which has since been deleted, Britney has denied this, writing: “I wish I could go inside the heads of people like my dad and her and really try to understand why people lie and make up such things like that. 

“I mean it doesn’t get lower than that… why did you say that??? That’s not even true.

“Wasn’t it already bad enough what they did to me and on top of it everybody is getting together and doing the trashiest docs I’ve ever seen in my life saying it’s TO HELP ME ???

“You must be some clever folks !!!! It was so embarrassing! I think the meanest part was the deception in claiming it was to help me !!!” She went on to slam the documentaries as “trashy”.

In Framing Britney Spears Culotta admitted she is no longer in contact with Britney but gave a message for the pop star if she could speak to her.

“First off, I would make you giggle. And second off, I’d want you to remember all the funny things and all the fun times.’

“Hang in there. Your voice is coming back. You are louder and prouder and more powerful than I’ve seen you in a really long time. I love you, and I will support you no matter what.”

However, it is clear from this latest Britney post that relations are not good between the two and Britney even went on to discuss her general mistrust of people.

Explaining her anxiety around others, she said: “I talk to horses cause I can’t take looking at people’s faces anymore.”

And she opened up more about her problems with nerve damage on the right side of her body, saying she fears going to a doctor “cause I’m terrified of them after what they did to me before.”

The star also shut down discussion of a dramatisation about her life on screen in recent days, calling out people who want to make a biopic of her life. 

After Stranger Things actor Millie Bobby Brown told Drew Barrymore she would love to play Britney in a movie, prompting Britney to remind followers: “Dude I’m not dead!!”

On 12 November Britney will celebrate one year of freedom from her conservatorship. 

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Author: Asyia Iftikhar


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