Baptist preacher says LGBTQ+ people prove atheists’ “filthiness”

Author: Molly Sprayregen

Pastor Tommy McMurtry of the Liberty Baptist Church in Rock Falls, Illinois 

“They just hate light,” he added. “That’s all there is to it.”

McMurty is part of the extremist New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement, or New IFB. Pastors associated with New IFB regularly call for violence against LGBTQ+ people, using the most hateful and demeaning language possible.

In 2021, New IFB pastor Jonathan Shelley asked, “‘Are you sad when f*gs die?’ No. I think it’s great! I hope they all die! I would love it if every f*g would die right now.”

Danil Kutsar, a pastor at the Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Spokane, called for “death to f***ots” in 2022, adding “I hope every homosexual dies.”

McMurty himself once said “homos” should be “put in their place: six feet under.” He also attended the “Make America Straight Again” conference in 2019. Ahead of the event, he declared, “Pray that if they do any protests, that it gets violent. They have Stand Your Ground in Florida. So we’re allowed to fight back.”

Last year, while disparaging trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney’s 50-second Instagram video partnership with Bud Light that enraged the far-right, he somehow turned to the topic of Dr. Pepper and said he would give up the drink if he found out that the doctor was a woman.

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Actual Story on LGBTQ Nation
Author: Molly Sprayregen

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