And Just Like That creator shares Cynthia Nixon’s reaction to nude scene

Author: Charlie Duncan

Cynthia Nixon as Miranda cuddling Sara Ramirez as Che Diaz in bed in season two of And Just Like That

And Just Like That… creator Michael Patrick King has revealed how Cynthia Nixon reacted to her character being “head-to-toe naked” in season two of the show.

Just when it was starting to seem like And Just Like That… couldn’t push any more boundaries, the already pegging-filled Sex and the City spinoff has pulled through. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the MAX comedy-drama is just as open conversations surrounding bedroom shenanigans as ever.

The show’s divisive first season in 2021 already included various entirely left-field storylines – such as Cynthia Nixon’s uptight lawyer Miranda leaving her husband for Sara Ramirez’s non-binary comedian Che Diaz – and it seems like Miranda is going through even more self discovery in season two.

Reflecting on the show’s groundbreaking relationship with intimacy, showrunner Michael Patrick King has told The Hollywood Reporter all about season two’s opening sex-filled montage, Miranda’s sex life, and Nixon’s hilarious reaction to being “head-to-toe naked” for a scene involving a meditation pod.

“We literally start the [season two premiere] with Carrie opening the bathroom door to a new sex life,” King told the publication, before going on to explain the importance of the opening montage, and how traditional television gender roles have undergone a “complete flip”.

“I think that opening is glamorous and aspirational — all these beautiful actors coming to bed,” he said.

“And the other thing that’s important is that all of the original characters are on the move towards the bed, and the men are just laying there like himbos — like, in bed, kind of coy, with the sheet up above their waist, like you’ve seen actress and female characters in every show.”

As for Miranda, it’s not just gender norms that have been flipped, but her entire world. In line with the promises of the show’s creators and actors, Nixon’s character is still dating the ‘comedian’ Che Diaz in season two – and that, King says, has opened her up to a “whole new sexual arena”.

“You have the joy and the comedy of the strap-on and the uncomfortableness of that [in episode one]. But also, you’re moving her forward because she’s not just following, she’s driving sex.

“Miranda is completely wide open [this season]. And that’s why we brought Che in, because Miranda had been completely shut down and her sex life had died. So, like Carrie, she’s now open for business.”

So open for business, in fact, that one of season two’s most hilarious scenes involves Miranda trying to get invested in her “new life” by way of a sensory deprivation tank; a giant bathtub-like contraption with a lid and a high-salt content.

King however, confirmed that the “only way” he could execute the scene was “if Cynthia agreed to be head-to-toe naked.”

Continuing, he said: “It wouldn’t work unless she was all in because what is so funny about the scene is that she goes from loving her new life [in L.A. with Che] to saying: ‘Fuck my new life.’

“So, I called up Cynthia and I said: ‘Completely naked, would that be okay?’ And she thought about it, and she goes: ‘Completely?’ I said: ‘Yes.’ And she goes: ‘I’m sure you’ll take care of me.’”

King also revealed that the decision to include so much sex in season two was a direct response to the sometimes dark tone of season one.

“I think if last season had to deal with death — and it was what we chose to do, we broke the old show to make a new show, and it was really infused with death,” he said, “this season was going to be about life, and sex is such a big part of life.”

previous trailer for And Just Like That… season twos aw Miranda and Che sharing a steamy snog to rival season one’s infamous fingering scene and an ex of Carrie’s, Aidan Shaw (John Corbett), make a big return from in the Sex and the City days.

Season two is also set to see Sam Smith play themself in an undisclosed role and – in the biggest bombshell yet – Kim Cattrall has confirmed an already iconic cameo, briefly returning as the sex-positive fan favourite, Samantha Jones.

Cattrall did not appear in season one of And Just Like That… following a highly public fallout with Parker, and though Cattrall reportedly recorded her short scene without speaking to King, viewers can take it as a win.

And Just Like That… season two airs continues on on Thursday on Sky Comedy in the UK.

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