America’s gayest states have been revealed

Author: Sophie Perry

The states in America with the highest LGBTQ+ populations have been revealed in new research.

Researchers at the Williams Institute at the University of California Los Angeles have estimated that almost 13.9 million adults in the US – equal to 5.5 per cent of the population – are LGBTQ+, a figure which matches previous studies.

Within this group, those aged 18-24 most likely to be LGBTQ+ (15.2 per cent) – nearly one in six – whilst people older than 65 are the least likely (1.8 per cent).

The report, based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, also revealed that the south has the largest population of LGBTQ+ people, at more than five million individuals (35.9 per cent).

This is followed by the west at nearly three and half million (24.5 per cent), the midwest with nearly three million (21.1 per cent) and the northeast at two and half million (18.5 per cent).

“We’re not going anywhere”

Percent of LGBT adults in the US by state (Williams Institute at the University of California Los Angeles)

At the state level, California has the largest population of LGBTQ+ adults, at one and half million, followed by Texas and then Florida.

The 10 top states with the largest number of LGBTQ+ adults

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Florida
  4. New York
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. Ohio
  7. Michigan
  8. Illinois
  9. Georgia
  10. Washington

However, if you look at the data by the percent of adults who identify as LGBTQ+ the results differ. By using this metric, D.C has the highest percentage of queer residents, at 14.3 per cent. This is then followed by Oregon (7.8 per cent) and Delaware (7.5 per cent).

The top 10 states plus the District of Columbia by percent of LGBTQ+ adults

  1. Washington, D.C. − 14.3%
  2. Oregon − 7.8%
  3. Delaware − 7.5%
  4. Vermont − 7.4%
  5. New Hampshire − 7.2%
  6. Washington − 6.9%
  7. Colorado − 6.8%
  8. Maine − 6.8%
  9. Nevada − 6.6%
  10. Massachusetts − 6.5%

Cathy Renna, a spokesperson for the National LGBTQ Task Force, told USA TODAY: “Look at the numbers, more people are coming out younger and people are coming out in places where LGBTQ folks have been less out and visible.”

Commenting on the fact that the south – an area which has seen increasingly hostile anti-LGBTQ+ bills – has the largest queer population, Renna said: “Despite the backlash and despite challenges we’re facing, we’re resilient and we’re not going anywhere.”

“This is where a lot of the work really needs to happen,” she said of the fight for equality in southern states, “there are so many LGBTQ people here that are underrepresented in media, culture and frankly in the movement.”

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Author: Sophie Perry

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