Alex Jones launches unhinged video game where players hunt zombie Hillary Clinton & gay frogs

Author: Molly Sprayregen

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has released a new video game in which players can hunt and kill liberal figures in an effort to “save the world from the evil globalists’ plot” to turn everyone liberal, according to the game’s website.

“Every day the deep state sues, lies, defames, and KILLS law-abiding patriots who threaten their power!” the game’s website declares, promising players an “adrenaline-inducing adventure” to defeat “anti-American communist bosses” and “save the babies.”

In the trailer, Jones encourages players to download New World Order Wars now because “as we all know, anything badass gets censored.”

The game also features Jones shouting, “They are turning the friggin frogs gay!” This is a reference to his long-peddled conspiracy theory that the government has put chemicals in the water to turn Americans more feminine and has used the made-up “fact” that most frogs in the US are gay now as “proof.” There is no proof of this, but it has inspired the hunting of rainbow frogs in the game.

On Jones’ InfoWars, he spouts completely untrue conspiracy theories that have led to violent threats against innocent people. He has also repeatedly used his platform to vilify LGBTQ+ identities. He has, for example, called the transgender rights movement a secret Deep State plot to give civil rights to cyborgs and humanoids and allow people to have sex with their cars.

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Actual Story on LGBTQ Nation
Author: Molly Sprayregen

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