Queer magic-themed pub owners battles transphobic forces of darkness – LGBTQ Nation

Author: Elsie Carson-Holt

Matthew Cortland, the owner of the international bar chain The Cauldron, says that his job as the co-founder and owner of the witch and wizard-themed pubs is to “to make our wizard-themed venues as inclusive as possible for all people.”

“As a founder, I often get asked why creating inclusive spaces is part of our mission statement. But as a queer person who owns a chain of Wizard Bars, I would hope that it’s fairly obvious: the Magical World should be inclusive,” Cortland said in the post.

“I’m so proud that our team members are comfortable being their true selves and use the pronouns with which they identify, that our managers cultivate safe spaces for their team and guests, and that the majority of our guests actively celebrate and respect that.”

Cortland told PinkNews that they work to push back against the “hateful dialogue” of trans-inclusivity in fantasy. They also noted that different Cauldron locations will be serving Pride-themed drinks throughout the month, such as Glitter and Be Gay, Sharing is Caring (Polycule), The Fruit Bowl, and Pink Panty Dropper.

The incident, Cortland said, “is a clear reminder as to why it’s important to create safe spaces for queer people – for our guests and for our staff. It’s a reminder why Pride and what it represents is important. Especially in 2024.”

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Author: Elsie Carson-Holt

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