Gay influencer Chris Stanley’s new doc explores West Virginia Pride parade ‘so small, it’s almost a secret’

Author: Christopher Wiggins

A new 22-minute film premiered on Friday, highlighting the courage of LGBTQ+ people in a smallWest VirginiaCourtesy Chris StanleyMaxwell PothThe Advocate. “Other people think I’m just with him for money.”

Stanley has been making content for over five years. Now, he’s taking what he makes in a different direction. “I definitely want to do more slightly serious things like this,” he shared. Balancing his comedic content with more impactful projects is a direction he is eager to explore. “It’s impactful stories like this that really excite me, and when the editing isn’t work and you look forward to what you’re doing, I fell you know you’re on the right track.”

Looking ahead, Stanley plans to enter his documentary into various film festivals and awards, including theGLAAD Media Awards.

“I would love to submit it for GLAAD Awards, the Queerties—everything,” he said. “Maybe even just like some random other film festivals, especially the queer ones.”

Watch the documentary I Went to the Smallest Pride in America below.

I Went to the Smallest Pride in America! | LGBTQ+

Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Christopher Wiggins

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