Appeals court maintains PrEP coverage under Obamacare in win for HIV prevention

Author: Christopher Wiggins

PrEP access has been maintained for most Americans after an appeals court ruling ended a lawsuit that challenged the medication’s coverage.

Abrigo pointed out that the ruling’s limitation to the plaintiffs ensures broader protections and national healthcare policies remain intact. However, he expressed concerns about the potential for future legal challenges that could threaten healthcare rights and protections for millions of Americans.

He emphasized the importance of preventative care, noting that PrEP plays a critical role in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Access to such preventive measures is crucial for reducing preventable diseases and promoting public health. “Lambda Legal will closely monitor any further developments related to this case and similar legal challenges,” Abrigo said.

The case will likely go to the Supreme Court when either side appeals the ruling.

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Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Christopher Wiggins

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