A second Trump term would double down on erasing transgender rights. Here’s how advocates are preparing.

Author: Orion Rummler

Originally published by The 19thare unable to find consistent ways to carry out restrictive laws. Several of Trump’s proposed anti-trans policies would also require congressional approval. However, as a new report from the American Civil Liberties Union details, even if Trump gains the presidency without Republicans taking power in Congress, he would be able to take action against LGBTQ+ rights on his own — and has said that he plans to. When Congress is functioning properly, it is meant to check presidential overreach — and much of Project 2025 focuses on consolidating presidential power, he said. Project 2025 includes authors from Trump’s former administration and campaign. But the rising number of federal anti-trans bills introduced by Republicans in Congress have been unable to pass, due to a Democratic-controlled Senate. In November, that could change. amid hundreds of other lawsuits against the former administration.changed since Trump’s first term.

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Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Orion Rummler

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